The European Committee for the Use of Computers in Chemical Engineering Education (EURECHA) was established in 1976 to enable software for teaching and methods of computer aided teaching to be exchanged between universities in Europe. EURECHA has currently a 18-member executive committee that considers projects which fit in the aims and objectives of the organisation.

EURECHA focuses on the following areas: Educational software, Tutorial case studies, Short courses/workshops, Educational sessions at ESCAPE meetings, CAPE Fori.

CAPE Forum 2019: University of Liège, Belgium 24.11.2019 – 26.11.2019. organized by Grégoire Léonard and Filip Logist:

EURECHA organizes the EURECHA Student Contest. This contest problem is open to Bachelor/Master/PhD level students. The participants have approximately three months to prepare and submit solutions to the problem no later than February 15 2020, 23:59 CET. Solutions can be prepared by individuals or by teams.

Details can be found in the EURECHA in the following document:


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