In this section CAPE WP honors all the PhD Students that have participated to the competition for the EFCE Excellence Award in recognition of an outstanding PhD thesis on CAPE. Here their names, and the link to their Thesis are available. The initiative starts from 2022.


2022 EFCE Excellence Award 

Name Discussion Month Year Title University Supervisor(s)
Alessandro Di Pretoro


September 2020 Optimal Design of Flexible, Operable and Sustainable Processes under Uncertainty: Biorefinery Applications Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse; Ludovic MONTASTRUC
Shokry Ahmed


September 2021 A Contribution to Chemical Process Operation Support: New Machine Learning and Surrogate Models-Based Approaches for Process Optimization, Supervision and Control Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – UPC Antonio Espuna
Ana Somoza Tornos

Third position

March 2020 Decision Support Strategies for the Efficient Implementation of Circular Economy Principles in Process Systems Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Antonio Espuña & Moisès Graells
Anton Ochoa Bique October 2019 STRATEGIC DESIGN OF A HYDROGEN INFRASTRUCTURE UNDER UNCERTAINTY University of Twente Edwin Zondervan
Dominik Bongartz June 2020 Deterministic Global Flowsheet Optimization for the Design of Energy Conversion Processes RWTH Aachen University Alexander Mitsos