The CAPE award for long term achievements (LTA) is given in recognition of a collection of outstanding achievements over an extended period of time (> 10 years) to the CAPE community (and specifically to the EFCE CAPE-WP) and to CAPE methods, tools and/or applications for the advancement of science, engineering and technology. The winner will have the opportunity to present a keynote talk a ESCAPE. The cost of the award winner’s ESCAPE conference participation will be covered by the local ESCAPE organizers.

The award will include a “framed award certificate” together with a medal which both are to be approved by the CAPE Working Party. LTA award is not monetary.

Eligibility and Criteria for giving the awards

  • The nomination of the candidates will be based upon the scope and significance of their contribution and/or achievements for the advancement of science and technology within CAPE (the EFCE CAPE Working Party defines the scope of CAPE).
  • Only CAPE Working Party members can submit nominations. Members of the CAPE community or a National Society should submit nominations through their national delegate.
  • Self-nominations are excluded.
  • No more than one nomination can be submitted by the same person.
  • Eligibility criteria shall be updated according to the applicable EFCE rules approved for equivalent situations

Frequency of the award:

The award is given every four years.

Award will be given only if a minimum of 3 nominations are received

Template for award recommendation:

All nominations should follow the proposed template. The awards committee may ask the nominee for further information and/or data.

  1. List of nominators and their signature
  2. A short description of the contributions and achievements of the candidate
  3. Citations – minimum 3
  4. CV (if available, otherwise, a collection of the publicly available information in terms of the current job, experience, publications, citations, etc., – information that may be obtained from the internet or supplied by colleagues of the candidate)

Submission of nominations:

The nominations for the LTA award should be sent to the current chairman of the CAPE-awards committee with a copy to the CAPE-WP chairman.

LTA Winners

2021: Professor Lorenz Biegler
2017: Prof. Ignacio Grossman
2013: Prof. Peter Glavic & Prof. Gintaras V. Reklaitis