As in the election at the CAPE Business Meeting in Graz, in occasion of the 28th ESCAPE, CAPE Working Party is chaired by Prof. Flavio Manenti, Italian Delegate from Politecnico di Milano, for the term 2018-2020.


Flavio Manenti. He is Professor of Chemical Plants at CMIC Dept. “Giulio Natta” of Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Former Alexander von Humboldt Professor of Chemical Plants and Operations at the Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany and former Professor of Chemical and Nuclear Plants at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. He is Charity Trustee at the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE). He is coordinating the Centre For Sustainable Process Engineering Reserach (SuPER) at Politecnico di Milano with 8 permanent staff and 30+ collaborators. He is author of 300+ papers indexed by main databases and 5 books edited by Wiley-VCH on CAPE topics. He filed 12 international patents, supervised 100+ M.Sc./Ph.D. students and led 30+ research and innovation CAPE projects in the last 5 years. He established 14 international bilateral agreements for early researcher mobility.

Deputy President

Edwin Zondervan. He has completed his PhD in 2007 at Groningen University, the Netherlands. He currently holds a professorship of Process Systsems Engineering at the Department of Production Engineering of Bremen University, Germany. Over the years he has published 100+ papers in several journals, has presented his work as numerous conferences and has (co-)authored several books and book chapters. He is the organizer of ESCAPE-29 in the Netherlands and he is very active in CAPE activities with supervision of M-Sc/Ph.D. students and interaction with the industry.


Giulia Bozzano. She is Professor of Transport phenomena at CMIC Dept. “Giulio Natta” of Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Centre For Sustainable Process Engineering Reserach (SuPER). She authored 100+ papers indexed by main databases and filed patents and models applied on many industrial applications especially in the area of steam and thermal cracking of hydrocarbons and ammonia and methanol synthesys. She supervises every year M.Sc/Ph.D. students and she led industrial and public projects on biomass treatment and biorefineries.